All 6 GTA San Andreas Gf Stores – MDT Player

All 6 GTA San Andreas Gf Stores – MDT Player

You will find 6 girlfriends in big thieves automobile: San Andreas. To get the girlfriend for internet dating and enjoying in GTA San Andreas. However you need undertake some objectives for unlocking girl’s residences in GTA San Andreas. I shall explain to you all 6 girlfriend areas in GTA San Andreas making use of the map and gf image.

You will find all 6 girlfriends in GTA San Andreas as well as their names include under:

1. Denise Robinson2. Millie Perkins3. Helena Wankstein4. Katie Zhan5. Michelle Cannes6. Barbara Schternvart

GTA San Andreas Everyone Sweetheart Locations

1. GTA San Andreas Denise Robinson Girl

Denise Robinson is the 1st girl in GTA San Andreas. You can view the girl’s venue map and image.

About Denise Robinson GirlfriendName: Denise RobinsonLocation: Los SantosTime: 12:00am – 6:00am , 4:00pm – 12:00amCheck the GTA San Andreas sweetheart venue map

2. GTA San Andreas Millie Perkins Girl

Millie Perkins may be the second sweetheart in GTA San Andreas. You can see the girl’s place map and picture.

About Millie Perkins GirlfriendName: Millie PerkinsLocation: Las VenturasTime: 12:00pm – 10:00pmCheck the positioning map of girlfriend in GTA San Andreas

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